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Process description of our assessments

1.   Contact us at +358 400 42 11 45. An assessment can usually be scheduled within one week. In urgent cases an assessment can be done in the evening or during the weekend. This will be specificly agreed on.

2. The assessment normally takes approx. 8 hours from 9 am to 4 pm.

3. The assessment takes place at Technopolis, address Teknobulevardi 3-5, FIN - 01531 Vantaa. For more instructions go to www.technopolis.fi

4. The client sends an email regarding the service to:  firstname.familyname@kataja.fi, (martti  kataja) including:
a) Client contact information, including postal address and phone numbers.
b) Description of the task requirements and the future working environment
c) The candidate´s own CV and application to the job
d) Unanswered questions and issues that the client still has regarding the suitability of the candidate.

5. The results of the assessment are reported to the client within one week from the assessment and sent to the client´s address.

6. The results are relative by nature and they are based solely on a unique assessment situation as the person is applying for a certain position or when his/hers individual qualities are being assessed as a part of organizational development procedures.

7. The results and the report may not and cannot be used for any other purposes or outside the particular assessment process, e.g. as testimonials.

8. The results are valid for 2 years.

9. When interpreting the results and their use we recommend a consultation with the psychologist who conducted the assessment.

KATAJA Consulting Oy
Martti Kataja
MSSc, Work Psychologist